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Some of the photos taken at recent events by our Magic  Mirror, Pods and Photobooths

Photobooth Hire in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Warwickshire and the Midlands.


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Selfie Photo Booth

The Selfie photo booth is highly flexible offering close up shots or large group photos. It can be supplied with green screen technology to allow your guests to appear to be in wide range of locations!
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Magic Photo Mirror

Our Magic Selfie Photo Mirror is the new "must have" attraction for any event. The Magic Mirror is the latest twist on the photo booth - the same technology with more space and full length shots.
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Heart Pod

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#Hagtag Printer

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IMPRINT | Helping make your memories
Our Pricing is Simple

Simple and Transparent - With our clear pricing structure, there are no hidden extras.

You can hire our Magic Mirror Photobooth or Selfie Pod Photo Booth for at little as 1 hour (common for children's parties) or opt for our popular party and wedding option of 3hrs complete with a personalised guest book, props and photo layout.

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A wide range of photo booths

We started with a single, small magic selfie mirror.  Then we added open photo booth, then the hashtag printer and then we finished the love heart photo booth (which we bought as a project!).  Then we added the XXL Magic Mirror and most recently our GIF Photo booth - which has proved popular for corporate events.

So, whatever style of Photo Booth Hire you are looking for, we have something to suit your event.

What is Included

We know that it is the little things that can make a big difference to your event.

We will contact your venue in the weeks for your event to confirm access, location and the availability power supplies! If we have any concerns we will arrange to visit the venue.

On the day of your event we will arrive approx 1 hour before your hire starts and discreetly set-up ready to do.

All hires are accompanied by a smartly dressed, fully trained photobooth attendant to assist your guests. Your guests can enjoy unlimited visits, with a huge range or props, red carpets and walkway (Mirrors only), a choice of backdrops, facebook uploads and on online gallery.

You and your guests will be able to create a new look with every new photo.

As the end of the booking period approaches, we will find the host to check if they have missed out any any photos with friends and family, to ensure there is plenty of time to have them taken.

At the end of the event we will discreetly pack away and leave the venue. Upon returning to the office, we will upload the photos as requested and send you links to the galleries.

The Imprint Difference

Everything has been designed to give you and your clients the best Photo Booth or Magic Mirror experience possible, from booking to the end of the night.

Together we know your guests will be talking about your event for a long time.

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offers for our Hearts, Magic Mirrors and Selfie Photopods!

Imprint Photobooths are the Party Equipment Rental Service Specialists!

Imprint Photobooths made the decision to specialise in photo booths and associated equipement on the day we decided to form the company.
Our commercial background has taught is to focus on one thing and do that one thing very well!  We focus on camera based entertainment.
If you are looking to also book LOVE letters, sweet carts, magicians, wedding cars we can arrange these via our partners. 
These partners are also experts in their field, so are the best at the job they focus on.
We  are not trying to be, or ever plan to be, a jack of all trades business.  We will stick at being the best we can within our specific niche.
So if you are looking to hire a  Photobooth, a Magic Mirror, an open booth, a photo booth or and ipad booth for your wedding, event or corporate come and talk to a specialist.

Party Planners Recommend Photobooths for Parties of all Ages

Party planners recommend Photo booths for a wide range of reasons:

1) They are great fun

2) They keep guests occupied during the quiet times

3) They can be used by guests of all ages

4) They create wonderful memories for the guest and host

5) Often the host is too busy to personally see all the guests - the photos from a photobooth or mirror capture the memories they missed.

6) A magic mirror or photobooth grabs the fun shots long after the professional photographer has left.

Why hire a photographer when party guests can take photos of themselves?


A photobooth or magic mirror is not a replacement for a photographer!

We do completely different jobs and often work together.

Your photographer will take professional shots to capture memories of your special day or event.

A photobooth, magic mirror or open booth performs 2 jobs during your event :-

1) It provides entertainment for your guests during the quiet points in the day - e.g. whilst the professional photographer is off capturing idyllic shots of the bride and groom, or as the evening guests start to arrive but before the first dance. These are often "flat" spots in the day and the magic mirror can help to fill those gaps with some fun for your guests.

2) Your wedding photographer will probably leave shortly after the first dance. The Magic mirror or photobooths allows you to have a photographic record of people having fun during the rest of the evening. Often the bride and groom with ask friends and family members to join them as theu pose in the mirror or booth so they have a photographic record of their guests in the evening.

We are not here to replace the photographer, we are here to compliment them!

Wedding Photographers Love the Added Backdrops of Our Photobooths

As mentioned previously we work with Wedding Photographers, not against them.

It is converstions with photagraphers that have resulted in improvements being made to the technology and equipment we use in our photo booths and magic mirrors.

Such improvements as improved lighting and subtle camera setting tweaks have lead to great improvements in our picture quality.

Our range of backdrops is another example of how we are constantly looking to make things better for the client.  We had been working with a local photographer who had studio style set-up at a school prom and we discussed how the printed backdrop made an enormous difference to the look of the photos.  At the end of the night we spent some time using our Magic Mirror with their backdrop.

The difference in the photos was incredible - so we decided to invest in backdrops for all our photobooths.

When we published our first photos with the backdrops, the reaction of the photographer was "I love it!".

Photobooths Create Entertainment for Corporate and Business Parties

We sure do! Whether we be at a corporate event helping to promote a product and generate leads for the client, or if we are at a wedding reception we are always there to entertain.

Our wide range of props, unique software, professional and friendly staff and our top of the range equipment all come together to provide a memorable, entertaining attraction at any event.

The images can be shared to social media for further brand marketing and awareness and the images can be branded to match your corporate identity.

The guests are able to take home a printed copy of their photo which often ends up on a noticeboard of fridge as a reminder of the fun they have had at your event.

An event with a photobooth or magic mirror will be entertaining, it will be fun and it will be memorable!

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