It’s been a busy few weeks….

A lot has happened in the last 6 weeks, but we are now live and taking enquiries and bookings for Magic Mirror Hire.

To be honest, I’d forgotten how much effort goes on behind the scenes to make these things happen.  Whether it was phoning round for insurance quotes, or bank accounts, it just takes time.  People don’t always get back to you when promised.

When we embarked on this project we said we were going to do it right.  Not half hearted, not a weekend job, but a 100% dedicated, full time business.  The business is about hiring Magic Mirrors and photobooth type equipment.

When you do business with Imprint we will try to do it right.

We’re not going to hide behind mobile numbers and websites without contact addresses.  We are proud of what we do and how we do it.

We’ll keep the customer informed at all stages of the process – from sending out copies of the booking forms to the customer, talking to the venue prior to the event (visits also, if needed), sending out payment reminders and a courtesy call in the days before the event.

We want to do things right.

We’re now booked in for several wedding fayres to get the Mirror out there to people can see what it can do.

It’s going to be hard work – but we’re up for a challenge.

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