Selfie Photobooth and Magic Mirror Hire in Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Warwickshire and the Midlands.


SNAP the shot. SHARE the photo. PRINT it with Imprinta!

Many people use Instagram on their phones to share photos and messages with friends.

Why not recruit them as amateur photographers for your event?

You’ve hired a top notch photographer to take formal shots throughout the event into the early evening.

You’ve hired one or our Magic Mirrors or one of our Photopods for the posed and funny shots of your guests.

You’ve recruited your guests to capture the informal and candid shots on their phones and post them to Instagram.

This gives you 3 sets of photos to remind you of your big day.

So how does Imprinta work?

You display a notice at the entrance of your venue to tell your guests which hashtag you’d like them to use. You can also put a card on all the tables to remind them!

Your guests then use your hashtag when they share their photos on Instagram.

As soon as they are uploaded, our Hashtag printer (we call it the Imprinta) starts to search for them on Instagram and Twitter.

When it finds them it saves them to its computer and prints them out. Like all our prints, they can be customised with the event details. From uploading to being printed out takes about 10 seconds!

We then display these prints for you and your guests to collect.

We can also put a copy on a USB for you to keep and they can also upload them to facebook (afterwards) for people to look at.

It’s a modern twist on the instant polaroid camera.