Twinpod open booth

We don’t just do parties, events, weddings and corporates …… we can install a range of different booth styles into you venue or retail location.

Your customers can fantastic photos with one of our fully branded booths which offer a fully branded experience.

Our system includes full remote monitoring of the images and full analytical reports of he customer interaction and social media reach.

We install, monitor and even provide you with a full analytical report every month.

On-site installations offer you all year round photo marketing opportunities and allow your customers to create social media content – complete with your branding. Why not encourage them to share their images with your hashtag to promote your brand and give them chance to win a prize?

Having a booth in your location encourages your customers to spend longer in your location and increase their engagement whilst capturing GDPR compliant consumer data.

What if you can encourage people into your location, get them to create content branded with your details and then share them to social media to promote your products. All whilst engaging with your products in your store?

You can with a fixed install – contact us for more ideas!

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