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Our average event is 3hrs on site…. but what else is involved in preparing for your booking…….

For every 3hr event we do, we spend about 6 hours preparing and testing the equipment.

We spend time designing the photo templates for every booth and magic mirror hire – we do this until the client is happy with the final design.

We then move onto the photo guestbook (great to look back on in the days after your wedding) which we design and produce to complement the photo design. We aim for everything to be in keeping with your overall theme and style).

Once we have finalised the design of the template and produced the guestbook to accompany your booth or magic mirror hire, we move on to the equipment itself.

Whether you have booked one of our Magic Mirrors, Booths or Pods, the preparation is very similar. We fully set-up the item to test every aspect – the printer, the computer, the camera, the flash etc. We check through all the props (adding any themed props for the event), check we have plenty of pens and lots of glue sticks for the guestbook, and then take a few test shots. We then check our spares – printer, media, camera, flash to make sure that we are prepared for all eventualities. Oh, we make sure we have spare batteries and spare cables in the kit.

When we are happy we load all the kit into flight cases and carefully load onto one of our vehicles.

By carrying out this level of testing and checking, we can be confident that your Magic Mirror or Photobooth hire will proceed without any glitches. If the unexpected should happen, we have sufficient spares to cover most eventualities.

This is all part of the Imprint Difference – our commitment to make your Photobooth or Magic Mirror hire experience, the best is could possibly be.

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