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Magic Mirror Hire and Photobooth Hire

Imprint virtual booth experience


With events moving online, we have a range of different virtual booth solutions to add some fully branded fun to your events!

Using a virtual photobooth, we can increase participant engagement at events and help them feel part of the event.

Incorporating photos, gifs and boomerangs for that unique virtual event experience.

Packed full of fantastic features you and your guests will love!

Tell us which features you’d like and we’ll put a package together for you!

Engage your clients whilst they create fully branded, social media ready, content and have lots of fun!

Lots of great features to engage your guests, bring them together and make your virtual  event stand out.

Make your event memorable for all the right reasons. Make it personal and engage with the attendees.

  • Multiple Experiences
  • Add friends from anywhere in the world
  • Browser based
  • Virtual Backgrounds
  • Great Effects and Filters
  • To be completed when page finished




Multiple Experiences for optimum engagement

Our virtual booths allow your guests to take Stills, Gifs (4 photos animated together) or Boomerangs (a quick burst of upto 12 photos converted into an animation

Virtual Photobooth Experience 1
Virtual Photobooth Experience 2
Virtual Photobooth Experience 3

Add friends from anywhere in the world - bringing people together

Using our “Avatar” function your guests can create group photos, no matter where they are located.  Why not let your guests get creative and pose with their friends and team mates for the ultimate real-time group selfie?

A groups of people in remote locations using the virtual photobooth to appear in the same photoe

Browser based - no app needed

Fully brandable portal accessed on our of our white-label domain names, or even your domain!   Can be embedded in a website of in many event platforms

Virtual Photobooth Experience 4

AI Powered Green Screen Removal

Utilise the virtual backgrounds to transform your guests to a remote location or simply tidy up their messy background with a crisp branded background. We have many backgrounds available or we can create a custom background for your event.

Virtual Photobooth Experience 5
AI Background replacement as part of the Virtual Photobooth Experience

Great effects and filters

Guests will be used to applying filters and adding stickers to their images – these can be customised or removed as required.

An aminated gif from the virtual photobooth with animated frame overlay
Virtual Photobooth Experience 6
Virtual Photobooth Experience 7

Fully Brand the entire experience

Every screen of the virtual booth experience can be branded – we can match fonts, styles and colours.  We want our booth to be YOUR booth.

Virtual Photobooth Experience 8
Virtual Photobooth Experience 9

Create an online digital mosaic wall

Due to the direct integration between our virtual booth and our digital mosaic wall, the clients images can be instantly displayed on our fully featured mosaic wall.  The guests can their own images become part of the bigger, revealed image.  Great for engagement and a superb image to use after the event.  Click here for a demo.

Virtual Photobooth Experience 10

Surveys and feedback

Capture and collect useful data from guests by using the custom survey option.  This is all GDPR compliant and held in UK data centres

Virtual Photobooth Experience 11

View the images on a dedicated live streaming wall

If a mosaic isn’t your thing, how about an animated live screen wall with the option to add timed banner adverts from your sponsor?

If you’re have a hybrid event, these work fantastically on the in-venue screens!

Images from the Virtual Booth displayed on the Digital Mosaic wall

Scratch and Win Game

Further increase your guest engagement by incorporating a scratch and win style game – you control the prizes and the odds.  As you would expect, it can all be branded!  This unique feature is a fantastic way to get your guests engaged.

One they have taken their photos and shared them they are presented with a Scratch and Win card or a Spin to Win wheel, where they instantly win prizes. This is superb option to reward staff, incentivise customers or promote a product. 

Virtual Photobooth Experience 12
Virtual Photobooth Experience 13

Images are ready for sharing to social media

The finished masterpieces can shared via e-mail, text or social media.  Why not add an event #hashtag and award a prize for the best selfie shared on social medai?

The virtual photobooth can share so all the social media platforms
Virtual Photobooth Experience 14
Virtual Photobooth Experience 15

Upload existing images

Sometimes guests would prefer to upload a photo that already exists on their laptop or phone.

We can add a fully branded frame to the image as it is uploaded.

Virtual Photobooth Experience 16
Virtual Photobooth Experience 17
Virtual Photobooth Experience 18

Can’t get your team together? Missing the chance for a photo with your work mates?

What if we can add the fun back to your events?

Put your team in the same picture?

Well we have the technology to do this.

Bring your teams together and talk to us about hiring one of our virtual photobooth experiences.

Have we got you thinking?

If you’d like to find out more about our Virtual Booth Experience and how it can add something different to your next event, then get in touch with one of our team.

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Brand Awareness

Giving away fully branded photo, perhaps with a discount code is a great way to spread the news about your brand.  

Why not offer a digital image for your guests to share on social media for a chance to win a prize?

Linked with a social media campaign a booth (or mirror) at an event can do wonders for your marketing ROI.

Trade Shows

When you are at a trade show you need to stand out from all the other exhibitors and encourage people to visit you.

A photobooth will not only grab peoples attention and give them a momento to tack away, it can also collect GDPR compliant data for post event marketing and generate content for sharing across social media.


Whether it is an 8ft high mosaic wall, a rotating 360 photo booth experience with fully branded backdrop or a gif booth with giant dental props, people will have a fantastic experience!

The more fun someone has the more they talk about your brand,

The more they talk about your brand, the greater the number of people who will visit your website and buy your product….

Black Ties & Social

Black tie, award and social nights aren’t just about those getting the awards, they are oppurtunities for the staff to get thother and enjoy themselves.

Adding a high quality photobooth, mirror, pod or even a 360 experience will have them talking about the event for months! It can also generate some fantastic content for your noticeboards and screen savers!

Let’s Talk…

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